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    Welcome! I'm Pinky, the Pink Monkey, hero of CrapNet's Pinky the Pink Monkey cartoons. Although, I don't act, don't dance and wouldn't want you to hear me sing, my cartoons are still entertaining. That's because my cartoons bring viewers like you undiscovered, innovative new products.

    If you've ever seen one of my cartoons (You've probably already figured out that I'm the one with the furry pink coat), we've been known to put our products through some tests our competitors wouldn't want to try. We once tested the famous dick drive on a few frustrated males who couldn't get a date even when they would be dead (they where okay, but my heart skipped a beat or two when I thought of returning them to their pathetic little lives we borrowed them from).

    Of course, not all our products and cartoons have fiery tricks, but they all are hot. That's because we don't just show you exciting new products, we allow you to purchase what you see without ever leaving the comfort of your living room. We call this unique form of broadcasting Non-Transactional Crap (and we are not only the industry's pioneers, we are also the industry leader). So whether you're surfing the toilet or our web site, always be sure to check out the newest Amazing Devices.

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