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The Details

The Smoke Modem technology is basically very simple. Based on the old communication technique of smoke signals you send us cigarettes, sigars or whatever pleases you in your longs-destroying lifestyle.

Our array of brainless teenagers who like to act like real adults or their even dumber little friends read the digital data from large screens. To archieve a little speed in their reading we provide the youngster with all the modern drugs we can produce in our own lab. They convert the data on the screen in smoke signals and send them via their own channel into the world.

For extra robustness in as many situations we could think of (rain, fog, darkness, wind, etc.) we add a little bit of radio active manipulated tabacco when needed.

We experimented with other methods too but as you will read in the description of the various products we decided to use only variations on this basic scheme.

You place your modem in front of e.g. your window and it will pick up the extra pollution and converts it back to digital data.

By using different breathing techniques and colors we can distinquish between our different customers.

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