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The High Speed Model

For people who need a little more speed (comparible to 28800/33600 bps modems and even faster !) we invented the High Speed Smoke Modem. By examining the common daily habbitat of the typical youngster we found out that our chemical drugs are very usefull for getting them to interpret the digital data faster but for the extra speedy touch we use the stuff that most people call grass, marihuana or as we in the Netherlands call it: wiet

There are a lot of possibilities here and some of the weeds or soft drugs have usefull side effects. We discovered that hash can cause the person that does the actual digital to smoke conversion to think up and/or imagine extra data. We experimented with this and used it for something comparible to data compression (MNP/V42).

By combining chemical drugs, mushrooms and the soft drugs we can buy at will here in this country we archieved very satisfying results. Most modern transmission equipment has support for data compression and correction and higher speeds. So do our smoke modems. No need to worry. And we're still in the process of finding out new ways to improve our products even as you read this.

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