there where once three lil bears walking through the forest 
when they came across a dwarf cutting down trees
which is nothing unusual of course 
but when they walked through the forest every evening they saw this dwarf
cutting down trees all the time 
further on in the forest there was also a lil dwarf playing happily on a flute 
(rather out of tune but thats not important now)
they saw a third dwarf up in the trees looking very angry
they shook their heads and went back into their house eating their porridge and going to sleep
(they already locked up the insistent lil nasty girl that would eat from their porridge and sit on their 
 3 toilets all the time)
the next night they walked into the forest again they would come across the dwarf with his flute, 
but this time he had some bagpipes and he was happily making an incredible den 
once more the dwarf that was always chopping down trees was in fact chopping down trees once more
however the angry dwarf up in the trees was sitting in the very tree the other dwarf was cutting down
and was shouting down to the other one to cut it out (rather poor choice of words if you ask me)
but they couldn't understand eachother on account of the noise of the axe and of course the bagpipes
with a terrible sound the tree topples over but because the other dwarf was in it it topples
over and slams on the tree-cutting dwarf
they both got reduced to pancakes
the moral of this story is that 
a) dwarves make terrible pancakes
b) you can rather enjoy your life as being a sweet lil person than to try cutting off
  everything that is higher or try to be on the same level as something higher but in a forced way
c) whatever you do, don't walk into the woods at night because you might encounter bears
  that didn't have their porridge yet
d) what the hell did those bears have to do in this story anyway ?
e) bagpipes suck