The three dodgy bunnies
Okay, once upon a time there where three lil bunnies happily hoppin' around the woods and field.
They didn't have to fear anything from anyone, they knew, because everybody in the forest seemed
to like their big fluffy buns woppin awound.
So they came across Adolf the Acorn and said "Hello Adolf the Acorn".
And they passed Pervy the Owl "Hello Pervy"  "wooohoo, woohoo"
They also met up with Beffe de Beer (okay thats Dutch *grin*) who was muzzling...
no thats for some other time.
(Children stories always start to get tedious and repetitive about this kind of thing
so i'll cut it short and skip all the other educational experiences teaching you
about AAAAALLL the other animals in the forest)
The first little fluffie bunnie spotted a tree with a hole in it and went over there
to explore. He put his lil paws in there and *SNAP* *ouch* they where gone !
So kids... never put your paws where they don't belong and certainly not in the pawnshop.
On with the remaining two.
The second bunnie suddenly sees another cute honey bunnie and hops after her lopping with
great hops through the field in pursuit of love (in all the wrong places). Passionately
he follows her all through the field. She stops, looks back at him and winks with her
eyelashes. He takes one last leap and *BANG* looses his fluffie bun to a bullet.
So kids... always chase safe, don't be an arse (above the field) or you'll be shot down
in flames.
The third bunnie in confusion looks around for his two buds and finds out that he's left
all on his own. He's grieving about his loss and heads over to "Red" the Bunnie Bar and
orders a double carrot juice onna rocks to drink away his pain.
However he drinks faaaar too much and pukes out his teeth in the toilet, having to swallow
down mashed food the rest of his life. However, he marries the cute bunnie mentioned earlier
because without teeth he's great at eating... ehr thats for another time. Anyways, they
end up with 101 cute spotted lil white bunnies and tell this story so other animals
can learn from it. Later he sells his idea for a movie about his kids to Hollywood, but
Hollywood thinks bunnies ain't fit for the big screen because they would remind people
of carnal pleasures too much, i mean 101 freekin kids. So it's done in more doggy style.