The lil girl and the wooden house
Once upon a time, any time really, there was this little girl who got sicked by society
at large without any humanity left, so it seems, where lack of emotion is seen as strength
and where caring is something that has to spawn from profitting from something or someone.
So she ran out of the house and found this HUUUUGE tree with a little wooden house sitting
in one of the branches.
She lived there ever after eating ravioli from cans and happily throwing the empty cans
at corporate drones driving past in their hurry to race past themselves.
Some people took up her example and lived in that tree for the rest of their lives
scoffing at the mad rat race other people have the arrogance to call A Life.
They all probably lived much happier lives and all of that (altho peeing from a tree
can be hazardous when the electricity company decided to put some power lines close
to the tree)