Yes.. we're all sick of it

I could make such an amount of corny puns on this one but i will only waste some diskspace and bandwidth on what really puzzles me.

I'm talking about the whole Clinton affair.. WAIT, this is going to be short, i promise.

What really gets to me is: the americans spent a shitload of time & money on defining what "SEX" is.
I admit, in a country where 14 year old mothers are defended, not to mention thankfully exploited as victims for the numerous nauseating talkshows, i shouldn't wonder.
Mind you, I could go on and on about the certain less desirable aspects of the Great American Society, but i'll leave my yank bashing for a later rant. If any american reader now wants to throw a rotten egg at me (or shoot me, you've got a Right to bare arms (sheeveless shirts), ehr bear arms) and call me European Snob, please do: call me and leave a message on the answering machine. Being Dutch that means you called me and our national telecom company earns money from it.

Right, that was really all i wanted to know: was it worth it ? the time & money ?
How does the amount of money that went into the extensive research to define SEX relate to the amount of money spent (i will not mention the word annually since some people will interpret it differently in this context) in the porn industry (american).