Let's talk about one stupid animal for a lil: man
(or woman, yes yes, i'm trying to get into this real modern spirit 'n all *grin*).
Okay an easy score, but oh boy, the examples do just pile up.
So let's focus on one aspect shall we ?


Nope, not those people craving for their 'own' lil spot, their own house, pet, fence, etc.
Nope, i'm referring to the early wandering spirits roaming the land, searching for some place to chop all trees, build an homely stead, scorge the land, kill the natives and their worshipped animals and... all right, that was gloomy and downright sarcastic, not to mention that i'm degressing.

Where was I ?

Oh yes, so here we are, the pioneer who erects his own dwelling.... (preferably) on top of a set of instable tectonic plates. We can't blame the first sob who did this lacking the proper scientific instruments and all. But let's face it...
after the first utter disaster, everything collasping all around you, what other reason besides claiming the rights to turn this nifty new experiencing and headwear (ones house, or lack there off, or lack of a head at all) into something horribly cineamatic... why oh why not move a lil to somewhere less risky.

Then there's the poor million or so people in the next installment of uncountable numbers of natural disasters in e.g. India. We turn on the TV or radio (for you oldies), or it turns us on, whatever you fancy, and what do we see, what do we hear, again ? "Still recovering from the recent floods the poor millions in Heckistan where struck by lightning, made homeless by a quake, rained on by a freak storm of three legged frogs and moreover the last episode of 'Little House On The Prairie" aired leaving all of a modest 100,000 people with nothing less than suicide as an option.

I mean, right, you live on a fissure of tectonic plates or something, floods happen every fortnight, but the river is oh so convenient, but does noone get a slight idea that maybe this was God's way of shouting "Move you idiots".

Well God knows i'd like to move one day to somewhere nice, comfy & sunny. So God... if you happen to listen, give me the opportunity to take my friends and family with me, and _I_'ll be gone.

Thank you