There's always stuff that keeps me wondering about American Ways.
It's not that there's nothing less 'easy' or more interesting to be triggered by, sure there is.
It's just that a load of civilizations let themselves be influenced by the USA. Some for the good, but I must say lots of it for the bad.

I could go on and on in lengths about the so called "freedom of speech" which in many ways is a farce or about the useless moralism, the absurd way in which (threatening, possible) lawsuits define society,
the patriotism, consumerism, judgmental (there's one i can expect to bounce back :) and ignorant views that can be witnessed.
But no, there's just a couple of minor things to be found here for now.

Mind you, i'm not saying all Americans are the same, i'm not in any way trying to force an opinion onto anyone that the USA is by default Bad nor am I implying that I or something non-American is always or in many ways better. Just trying to bring a point across, a couple of observations so to say.

So... take for instance the whole ridiculous notion of "the Europeans" or "Europe".
American people do tend to think of the rest of the world as a kind of America in size or habits that can be compared to theirs or if that doesn't fit or help they tend to over-generalize everything into 'not us'.
As every 'European' knows: there is NO such thing as (a) European.
Despite the euro and all kinds of efforts going on to unite the European countries, thats all just business. And thank God (or whatever deity you prefer) for that. The people living on this continent all have their own distinct cultures and history. I sure hope we will learn to adopt the better traits of eachother as it goes with some sort of globalization or such. But there's absolutely nothing wrong with being different.
The same is true for "Asians" i'm sure.

A lot of Americans don't know what they want, really.
They are all Real Americans to be sure, especially when The American Way is attacked or threatened (or led to believe so).
Everyone has to be special, different in a way.
Everyone can be, yes really, if only you put your mind and body to it,
you too can archieve that which you crave (uh huh).
But if there's one thing America has inherited from the narrow-mindedness that probably was part of the ways of a lot of 'Europeans' that went there it's an irresistable urge to label, categorize and box everything.
Sure, the individual and customer is king, as long as they can be easily dominated. Nothing is easier to dominate than a scattered confused lot that doesn't know anymore what they want.
Striving to be too much the same and hence forcing people to struggle for individualism is one of the bigger downsides and faults of American society I still believe.
Probably not a fault to those who thrive of it, manipulate it, though.